T: Know thy riders

MBTA: Where are you going?

MBTA: Where are you going today?

I boarded a Green Line “D” train a few months ago at Longwood station.  The station was in the midst of yet another renovation, and there were several workers around.  One of them handed me a flyer.  Turns out that the MBTA is running a passenger survey.  They wanted to know my origin, destination, mode of payment, and purpose.

There are two more pages to the survey and I’m still not sure what to make of it.  I have to applaud the effort … but to what purpose?  Doesn’t the MBTA collect most of this information at the farebox?  Well, perhaps not.  The T knows who goes into their system and where … but where the passengers go … that is anyone’s guess.

I feel a little guilty for not completing the questionnaire and mailing it in.  The last few lines even ask for grades for the T service on several criteria: reliability, safety, cleanliness, courtesy, announcements, availability of seats, frequency, parking, station amenities, and fare collection.  Maybe I should just send them a link to this blog.