Dude, where’s my bus driver?

Bus No. 1131.  Silver Line, inbound.  Logan Airport, Terminal E.  8:35 a.m.

Bus stops, one passenger boards, and then the dozen or so riders watch the bus driver … turn off the bus and walk away.  Says nothing.  Just walks away.  Dude!  Where’s my bus driver?!

One rider picks up his cell phone.  “I’m hoping to make the 9 a.m. train at South Station, but our bus driver just got up and walked off the bus! I guess I’ll be stuck at South Station for two hours.”  A second Silver Line bus drives by without stopping.

Six minutes later.  The driver returns, still without comment, turns on the bus and resumes the route…

Perhaps it’s understood that if you’re on the T your time isn’t as important.  That you expect to endure a hassle, a delay.  There’s no hurry.  And maybe the driver had an emergency.  She did wait until the end of the airport dropoffs.  Not nearly as much urgency to get back to the city, right?  Well, not necessarily ….

Bus #1131 pulls into South Station at 9:01 a.m.  No hope of catching that 9 a.m. train.